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Chapter 3: Demons that haunt us

Two weeks had passed since the trials had begun, along with the attacks too. Mysterious attacks by shadow demons were carried out at every arena where a trial related event would take place. Shadow demons were creatures that could take the form of a shadow, they could sneak in and out of anywhere. When they would materialise, they would look like wild animals, but ten times more ferocious. They would show up and attack the participants and would disappear as soon as they would appear. The Council reached out to the hunters for help. The hunters had helped on the first attack, but after a clash with the Galactics; they refused to continue their aid. Even with the ongoing attacks, the trials had completed its two rounds, and each planet had brought forward the ones who would represent them in the Guardians, all but Harmony. The Planet of Harmony had been the only one who had not picked anyone because no one had stepped forward. The arenas on Harmony remained empty. The people acted as if
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Chapter 2: The Underworld

Like its name, the Underworld was a mysterious and melancholy place. A home to demons, witches, and many wicked creatures that lurk in the night. The sky was always black, the sun never shone in this quarter dimension. Dark blue clouds crossed the black sky. The Underworld was subdivided into six kingdoms, all watched over by the Dark Lord. The kingdom of Auramyst was a human kingdom that used to be a part of the planet Sincler until it was teleported here after their Queen married the Dark Lord, some 20 years ago. The kingdom of Witchcraft: populated by witches and warlocks. The other kingdoms of the Undead, Vampires, Nightmyths and Demons. So far, Auramyst was the sole civilized kingdom. The new Dark Lord had applied his diplomacy to unite all the other kingdoms to rule out any rebellion against him and earned their trust as the rightful Dark Lord. But some still identified him as a hazard to the ‘Ways of the Dark’, because he was devoted to continuing peace and supported good relati

Frozen 2: Dangerous Secrets: The Story of Iduna and Agnarr

by Mari Mancusi Book Review First of all, thanks to the author and Disney Books for the ARC of this book. This book serves as the prequel to Frozen. The beautiful tale of two sisters, each unique in their own way. Elsa is born with ice powers, while Anna is just the cutest little bundle of joy. The family lives in their happily ever after until one they it all comes crashing down, one by one. After all, nothing lasts forever, even ‘Happily ever afters’. As a child Elsa accidently hurts Anna and then the family vows to keep Elsa’s powers a secret until she learns how to control it, but Elsa’s condition gets worse every day and she isolates herself from the entire world. We know how it all ends, but this book tells us how it all BEGAN. Why Elsa was born with magical powers, what was the source of her power and what does it all have to do with her mother? The story of Iduna and Agnarr is just that. The answer to all the questions that troubled the Frozen fandom. The story begins with the


Written by Jenny Elder Moke Book Review Finally, I had the time to write this review. I can't say a lot about this book because I'm on a strict no spoilers rule. This is a YA novel from Disney Press. This book is based on the mythological or maybe a genuine character of the medieval era from England, who we all know as Robin Hood. The leader of the Merry Men or in other words, 'outlaws'. Men who steal from the rich and corrupt elite, and give to the poor.  This novel centers around the daughter of Robin, Isabelle, who was raised in a priory. But she doesn't know Robin is her father. Much like him, she is caring towards the poor and has a hunter instinct. She is brilliant in Archery. One day she comes into conflict with the soldiers, which brings her in trouble with the authorities. But it is not as simple as it sounds. Isabelle is freed from the cellar by her mother and told to run. Her mother gives her directions about where she must go and what to do. She didn'

Chapter 1: Silent as Stones

“Open the gates!” a man shouted as he ran towards the guards. The gigantic gates opened at once. Inside, a group of people sat at a round table, talking about something that must have been of importance. “What is it, Gerad? You look terrified,” an old man inquired as he stood up from the head of the table. He wore a huge armor of orange and yellow color; he held his white beard as he stared at the man with curiosity. Guardian Osman, the leader of the Council. The man had interrupted the Council’s meeting. “I have news! Terrible news, sir! She’s back! The Galactic Force found traces of her magic at the Dark Fortress. She’s back! She has returned to kill us all!” Gerad continued talking as he panted hard. He was the secretary to Guardian Osman and was always quick on his feet whenever he learned of some life-threatening news. He valued his life a lot. “Who are you referring to?” Queen Nora seated at the table asked in a polite tone. “Zetara! That blasted witch!” silence followed his word

Blogging with Blogger

Last year I was searching online for short courses and I came across Microsoft cloud society. They had free courses in the form of video lectures. I was short on time so I picked the shortest: Demystifying Social Media and Blogging. The whole video was aimed at what is the difference between blogging and social media, and how we should use them. For blogging we shouldn’t use social media, it’s more like a pointer towards the actual site used for blogging. Let me explain to you actually what blogging is. If you open up a dictionary and check the word ‘Blog’ you find the meaning “To write a weblog daily”, then look up the word ‘Weblog’ and the definition you’ll see is “A personal website on which someone regularly writes about their interests, experiences, etc.” So blogging isn’t completely about SM. The two are connected, but there’s a difference, Blogging website should be your chief priority, but instead we focus more on social media because of its beautiful and attractive interface.

Guardians: The Trial

Introduction Our world is messed up. We all wish we could just fix everything with a swish of a magical wand. Well, there is nothing similar to that on earth but who said anything about other planets? Other Dimensions? Can you go there? Even if you could, it doesn’t matter because ‘real’ magic doesn’t live in an object or in a specific place; it’s inside of you. Sure, this sounds like an inspirational quote. I meant that magic is a gift you are born with. You don’t need a long black hat or a piece of wooden stick. That’s the situation in this story. The Magistrate Dimension Our story starts far, far away on another world. The Magistrate Dimension or in short M.D. They sort of look after the other dimensions and exalt themselves because of it, why not? They’re known as the pioneers of magic. Magic doesn’t exist in all 14 dimensions, but this is the strongest regarding magic. No aliens included. Only humans and a bunch of fascinating beings, okay, a huge amount of extraordinary creatures